Iliad Book 6 Summary Analysis Essay

Study Questions
1. Does Menelaos wish to kill Adrestos?

2. What ends up happening to Adrestos?

3. What is Nestor’s advice to the Achaians?

4. Why does Hektor return to the city?

5. What do Diomedes and Glaukos discovcr about each other as they introduce themselves?

6. What do they do after making this discovery?

7. What do they do to symbolize this?

8. Where does Hektor find Paris, and how does he react?

9. Why does Andromache plead with Hektor not to return to battle?

10. Does Hektor believe the Trojans will defeat the Achaians?

1. Menelaos has pity on Adrestos and does not wish to kill him.

2. Adrestos is killed coldly by Agamemnon.

3. Nestor advises the Achaians to attack the Trojans without stopping to take the spoils.

4. Hektor returns to the city to gather the women together to sacrifice to Athene.

5. They discover that there was a bond of friendship between their grandparents.

6. They make a pact not to harm one another in battle.

7. Armor is exchanged to symbolize the bond of friendship.

8. Hektor finds Paris at home with the women of his household. He gives Paris a lecture about his failure to face his responsibilities.

9. Andromache has lost her father and brothers already in the battle, and does not wish to lose her husband as well. She also fears for their young son Astyanax.

10. Hektor knows in his heart that the Trojans will be defeated.


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