Psyc 305 Team Assignment Week 2

Assignment 2: Personality Inventory The Big Five personality traits are domains of Psychology that is based on a five-factor model, which includes Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (OCEAN). Under each dimension are personality traits associated with the five factors that describe each domain. After taking the test, the results showed that I fall under the conscientious and agreeable dimensions as I received equal marks for both, that is, 27 points. Conscientious individuals are characterized by personal characteristics such as dependability and dutifulness, and are often said to be highly well-organized people. We often show self-discipline in our actions and thoughts, which is why we are also known to be responsible individuals. We are not lazy and we are driven by achievement. Therefore, conscientious individuals thrive in environments where careful planning is practiced instead of acting impulsively.

Prit Patel Psyc 305 5/14/11 Week 2 Assignment The power that I find most effective is legitimate power. It comes from the authority of your rate and position in the chain of command. You use this power in day-to-day business. Although you might increase responsibility, you can decrease the power if you fail to meet all your responsibilities. I think I have expert power. I always try to influence others around me as I approach a task. I want everyone to see how easy it is to use this power. Although you might have to use expert power with other powers to find it effective, myself being a manager in a hotel I have to lead a 30 + plus employees. It does get frustrating at times but I still seem to handle the job with a smile. Me dealing with hundreds of different guest in a hotel I see a lot of situations where I use my expert power. For example, one night we had a guest that did not want to comply with the policies of our hotel while checking in. She demanded she would pay cash for a room that had already been paid for on a 3

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