Inventory Management Case Study Free Download

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  • List of Cases, Contributors, and Universities

    Mercy Hospital: A Case Analysis    Mark McCartney    Saginaw Valley State University    USA 
    Blue Mountain State University – A Case Study - Selecting Socially Responsible Contractors for a New Building    Naomi Soderstrom     University of Colorado Boulder    USA 
    Big Training Corporation    Dr. Robert L. Hurt    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona    USA 
    Omega Tech Case: Putting it all together    Patricia Derrick    Salisbury University    USA 
    Privatization: Chicago Parking Meters, LLC    Dr. Michael Tucker    Fairfield University    USA 
    The Dolphin Bay Development: Optimum Strategy using Network Analysis    Prof. Malcolm Smith    Edith Cowan University    Australia
    Pacific Health Care: What should the Controller do?    Kenneth Danko    San Francisco State University    USA 
    Manufacturas Lizard    Francisco J. López Lubian    IE Business School    Spain
    The Case of the Drifting Exchange Rate    Allen B. Atkins    Northern Arizona University    USA 
    Sunset Medical:  A Statement of Cash Flow Case    Scott Wandler    University of New Orleans    USA 
    Integrating a New Business into the Financial Planning Process at Unilever    Dr. Barbara Magi Tarasovich    Sacred Heart University    USA 
    BCE INC. PRIVATIZATION: FACT OR FICTION?    Imed Chkir    University of Ottawa    Canada
    Antiock Hardware: An Inventory Case Study    Dr. Paul C. Schauer    Bowling Green State University    USA 
    THE NATIONAL INDUSTRIES GROUP (NI)    Turki Alshammari    The George Washington University    USA 
    Telecom Sector Financing in India Bombay  Communications  Limited (BCL)    Dr. Vikas Srivastava    IIMR    India
    Micro-District Coal Heating Case Study    Douglas B. Reynolds    University of Alaska    USA 
    Should you buy an energy efficient refrigerator? An Environmental Accounting Case    Allan Graham    Zayed University    UAE
    Brad’s Time for a Decision    Wayne G. Bremser     Villanova University    USA 
    The Lotto Case (or Hitting the Jackpot)    Larry Watkins    Northern Arizona University    USA 
    American Apparel, Inc. – Saved from bankruptcy but can it sustain?     Dr Anupam Mehta    IMT Dubai    UAE
    A Model for Running an Undergraduate Business-focused Case Competition    Jimmy Senteza    Drake University    USA 
    Midwest Bancshares, Inc    Edward C. Lawrence    University of Missouri–St. Louis    USA 
    Creating Equity Indices: A Case Exercise    Judson W. Russell    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte    USA 
    Netflix: DVD-by-Mail or Online Streaming?    Toby White    Drake University    USA 
    Strategic Approach of Business Valuation    Nataliya Yassinski    California State University, Northridge    USA 
    Did Right Case Take a Wrong Turn?    Janet E. Mosebach    The University of Toledo    USA 
    Quandary at National Health Company    N. Ahadiat    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona    USA 
    Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporations - The remaining exporter tax benefit    Chris Bjornson    Indiana University Southeast    USA 
    A QUICKBOOKS Group Project in Financial Accounting    Lei Han    Niagara University    USA 
    Investing in a Brewpub: A Capital Budgeting Analysis    Elizabeth Webb Cooper    La Salle University    USA 
    New Mexico National Bank, a bank with growth in mind    James F. Cotter    Wake Forest University    USA 
    A Case Study: Ethical Implications of friendly takeovers: A Financial Manager’s Story    Barbara Tarasovich    Sacred Heart University    USA 
    Drug Revolution/Grace Pharmaceuticals Joint Venture    Karen M. Hogan    Saint Joseph's University    USA 
    Understanding Bonus Debentures- A Case of Blue Dart Express Limited    Dr. Poonam Gupta    Delhi University    India
    Learning Managerial Accounting in Lower Division: a Three Phase Project Approach    Diane Satin    California State University, East Bay    USA 
    CLS Corporation: An Accounting Information Systems Case on Fundamental Concepts and Business Processes    Dr. Bob Hurt    California State Polytechnic University Pomona    USA 
    Barksdale’s Brewery Company    Edward C. Lawrence    University of Missouri–St. Louis    USA 
    Commercial Bank Risk Management and Financial Performance - Case Study    Patricia R. Robertson    Kennesaw State University    USA 
    Motomart: Mixed Up Over Mixed Costs    A.J. Cataldo II    West Chester University of Pennsylvania    USA 
    Hedging fuel price risk in the Canadian Department of National Defence: An application of risk management in the public sector    Naceur Essaddam    Royal Military College of Canada  
    Purchase point Media Corporation: Using variable costing and break-even analysis to examine market share feasibility    John S. DeJoy    Clarkson University    USA 
    Golden Supply Company    Paul C. Schauer    Bowling Green State University    USA 
    BankThai: Death by Synthetic CDOs    Narumon Saardchom    National Institute of Development Administration    Thailand
    Curves Don’t Lie: The Cost Curve Analysis of a Belly Dance Studio    Karla Borja     The University of Tampa    USA 
    Inventory Management: A Case for Cost Accounting    Diane Satin    California State University, East Bay    USA 
    A Case Study of Portfolio Optimization: Efficient Frontier    Maggie Foley     Jacksonville University    USA 
    Nelson Guitars, Inc.:  The Risk-Reward Trade-Off from Operating Leverage    John T. Rose    Baylor University    USA 
    Capital Adequacy Management in Financial Service Industry: The Case of Taiwan’s Futures Commission Merchants    Matthew C. Chang    Hsuan Chuang University    Taiwan
    Operating Profits, Free Cash Flows, and Firm Value: An Application    Halil D. Kaya    Northeastern State University    USA 
    The Cost of Float to a Firm Commercial Banking Treasury Management Analysis    Patricia R. Robertson    Kennesaw State University    USA 
    Project Evaluation:  Tortuga Fishing Equipment Company    Judson W. Russell    The University of North Carolina at Charlotte    USA 
    Greener Pastures?  The Morning Dew Dairy Case    Larry Watkins    Northern Arizona University    USA 
    Cannabis, Dude? Case    Mac Clouse    The University of Denver    USA 
    Consolidation or Nonconsolidation of Variable Interest Entities: Ethical Dilemma Facing Newly Hired Controller    Timothy Kelley    University of San Diego    USA 
    GPE: A Slippery Slope into a Tangled Web    Ali Sedaghat    Loyola University Maryland    USA 
    Revenue Recognition:  Understanding the Impact of IFRS 15 - Revenue from Contracts with Customers    Brent T. McCallum     Zayed University    UAE
    A Stock Valuation Case: An Application of the “Method of Comparables” for Macy’s Shares    Halil D. Kaya    Northeastern State University    USA 
    Dichotomous choice between a hybrid and an electric car: a capital budgeting analysis    Chee Ng    Fairleigh Dickinson University    USA 
    Growing Up is Hard to Do or Sophia’s Choices    Allen B. Atkins    Northern Arizona University    USA 
    Global Dental Equipment: How variance analysis can help a startup business survive growing pains    Michael T. Lee    Boise State University    USA 
    Using Common Size Statements to Evaluate a Company’s Performance: An Application    Halil D. Kaya    Northeastern State University    USA 
    Using the Dividend Discount Model in Valuation: The Case of PepsiCo    Halil D. Kaya    Northeastern State University    USA 
    Infosys (INFY) - A Wealth Creator or Destroyer    Dr. Anupam Mehta    IMT Dubai    UAE
    The Use of Dividends in Valuation: The Case of a Global Company    Halil D. Kaya    Northeastern State University    USA 
    Evaluating Mutually Exclusive Projects with Capital Budgeting Techniques (Case Study)    Halil D. Kaya    Northeastern State University    USA 

    Hedging Against Capital Depreciation: A Case Study of BIMB Malaysia Berhad    -  Raudha Md. Ramli, Shahida Shahimi, Abdul Ghafar Ismail* (Islamic Development Bank)

    Employees’ Annuity Corporation: Making a Loan Whole - Thomas Patrick and Clare Bohnett - The College of New Jersey,  USA

    A Capital Budgeting Problem: NPV vs IRR - Halil D. Kaya - Northeastern State University USA

    Case Study: CSR & CNR Merged into CRRC in China - Derek Yim - Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    An Application of the Capital Asset Pricing Model   -  Halil D. Kaya
    Capital Investment Analysis: Roman Manufacturing Company Case Study   -  Arthur S. Guarino
    Audit Practices for Automobile Dealerships   -  Paul C. Schauer
    On Saving Money   -  Charles Higgins

    A Case on Portfolio Risk and Return - Halil D. Kaya

    PLAYTIME Case: Typical Baby Boomer Situation - Hugh Grove*, Mac Clouse, & Darin Good

    Arithmetic Average Return versus Geometric Average Return: Which One is Better? - Halil D. Kaya

    Interest Rate Parity and Arbitrage - Halil D. Kaya

    Currency Risk and Money Market Hedge  - Halil D. Kaya

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