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Communications Theory Communications is that what binds the world. Even though it is easy to give a simple answer when asked what communications exactly is, it is difficult to explain it so that it is understood clearly. There is a lot you need to consider with it. There are different areas concerning communications and very diverse functions in this area. Through this research report we will have a glimpse in the world of communications and with it more knowledge and understanding about it. Corporate Communication

Corporate communication exists of different fields, which together have the purpose to make an image and identity of a company and its product. Corporate communication is a management instrument that…show more content…

Corporate communication is found in all sectors of society. Think of hospitals, travel organisations, commercial services industries, industrial companies, universities, air companies, telecom companies and so on. Every company needs a specific image to be successful in their field.

A professional magazine like Focus is a very important magazine. Each year, chief executives of the US’s largest companies anxiously wait for the publication of Focus Magazine’s survey of America’s Most Admired Companies, the leading arbiter of corporate reputations.

To be working in the field of corporate communication you will need skills as:

· Basic communication skills (presenting, organising, researching);
· Strategic issues management (stakeholder theory, strategic issues, strategic management);
· Strategic information technology planning (improving the effectiveness/competitiveness);
· Strategic external communication (communication campaigns);
· Economical psychology (explaining the behaviour of external stakeholders);
· Employee communication;
· Public affairs: European Political Environment;
· Investor relations (trust between a firm and its stakeholders);
· Corporate branding: (a distinguishment of a company to its rivals with its customers); and
· Argumentation theory

Professions in the field of corporate communication are for example: Communications consultant, Marketer. A company hires you to improve their

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Communication Theory
“Communication encompasses a great deal of human (and) animal activity, reading, writing, listening, speaking and viewing images, are all acts of communication” (Croft, 2004, p. 1) . Models or structures provide a recognized framework in organizations, structures consist of teams in a call center environment, which I work, desk are aligned in rolls complete with computer and telephone for effective communication purposes. Heading the team is the manager, he or she is responsible for carrying the message of order. Each team or manager has a forecast or goal in mind with a set deadline. Without key conversations, taking place daily determining the range for the organization, the goal could not be accomplished. “Be…show more content…

Gender differences need not lead to resentment, in my workplace there are few men, collections is a verbal talent that most men choose not to conquer. “Research indicates men and women are socialized differently and consequently, have diverse styles of speaking” (Stern, 2004, p. 1). Women often accuse men of not listening, whereas men accuse women of speaking continuously.
Many theories developed assist in terms of families, caregivers, patients, and coworkers. These guides are models in our daily lives that give an ideal of what development we should incorporate to understand those around us. Cognitive dissonance theory, communication accommodation theory, coordinated management of meaning, cultivation analysis, and many more theories are on the rise as we advance communication. Cognitive theory, argues that incompatible beliefs are inevitable and people are prone to avoid issues. Communication accommodation theory is adjusting styles of speaking to meet the styles of others. Coordinated management of meaning, states we have the ability to organize in our minds millions of messages a day, whereas cultivation analysis argues that heavy television viewing shapes a more violent world than warranted.
Finally, family communication relies on personal history and understanding the personalities and beliefs, allowing effective communication. With coworkers our

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