Argumentative Essay On The Lord Of The Flies

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    Here are 20 fresh ideas for persuasive essay topic for Lord of the Flies to help get you inspired!

    1. People are Born Evil
    2. Society Creates Evil People
    3. Write a Letter to Ralph
    4. We are the “Lord” and the “Flies”
    5. Write a Letter to Jack
    6. Laws Corrupt
    7. We All Have Flaws
    8. Primitivism is Key
    9. Ralph is Not a Good Leader
    10. What build character?
    11. Genetics or Environmental Influence
    12. Importance of The Beast
    13. Attitude Differences Based on Age
    14. Ralph is Concerned for the Good of the Group
    15. Why Ralph is a Good Person
    16. Effects of The Beast
    17. Purposeful Writing Style
    18. Significance of “Civilised”
    19. Power Gain
    20. Savagery

    Topic: Choose a character from the novel and make your argument for why they should lead. Write a 1000-word essay and use evidence from the novel to support your decision.

    In the famous novel named "Lord of the flies", there are four main characters that William Golding built up to represent the typical personalities in human nature. While Jack stands for the powerfully instinct savagery, Simon represents the natural kindness and Piggy with his glasses is the symbol of wisdom, Ralph has the best conducts of a real leader as he was initially voted for chief. There are three main characteristics that mark him out as a felicitous leader: rational, moral and unflinching.

    First of all, the most important trait that makes Ralph the best leader is his rational mind. I personally think that a leader should be a respectable and organized person. Ralph demonstrates his leading ability very well by the way he treats the kids. He said "We can't have everybody talking at once. We'll have 'Hands up' like at school" (33). Apparently, Ralph has a democratic view of governing: he wants everybody to have a chance to speak out. By saying this, Ralph built a good image of himself to make others support him voluntarily. "Ralph held out the glimmering conch and Maurice took it obediently" (88). As a result, the boys truly respect Ralph like the way he respects them. Ralph was very clever in his first strategy to gradually build up his reputation and yet, the order in his authority. "We'll have rules!" "Lots of rules!" (33) He obviously wants to keep the boys as a united community to work effectively. Ralph knows that anarchy will separate them and diminish their chance of being rescued. He inflicts the rules and regulations to maintain the order as it is the most essential basis of a community. The other point I want to mention is Ralph knows what is priority. "So we need shelters as a sort of_" "Home" (52). Ralph expresses himself as an organized and logical leader. This quotation implies that Ralph anticipated some future risks that could possibly put everyone in danger. "Everybody must stay round here and wait and not to go away" (23). A leader should be the one who is visionary and mature. On the contrary, Jack just focused on hunting and eating - naturally instinct needs of a human. Ralph specially cared about keeping the fire burning as a distress signal since he believed there's no better way to help them be rescued. "The fire is the most important thing on the island. How can we ever be rescued except by luck, if we don't keep the fire going?" (80). Ralph common sense to determine what is best for the group as a whole further demonstrates his superior leadership skills. He insisted on keeping the fire and exasperated when the boys ignored their mission. Ralph is not easily distracted person like the other boys, especially Jack when he tried to hunt the wild pig and let the fire out.

    Secondly, Ralph is not only a rational leader but also a moral person, who cleverly keeps the fairness in his group. "Ralph, looking more understanding at Piggy, saw that he was hurt and crushed. He hovered between the two courses of apology or further insult 'Better Piggy than Fatty" (25). Ralph is sincere and considerate for other people. He apparently understand their feeling and particularly shows his sympathy for Piggy. Ralph is sensible enough to realize that everyone deserves to be respected. He believes no one should have to put up with being tormented. Ralph gently gains others' support by treating them equally, showing his compassion and ability to empathize with them. Opposite to Ralph, Jack is immoral, violent and condescending. "He's going to beat Wilfred" (159). He does not care or understand the natural equality of human beings and treats others in superior way. Jack shows his inability to sympathize with other boys and makes his followers do what he wants by violence is an irrational and transient way to keep them respect him.

    The last trait that Ralph has is his unflinchingness, which is relatively important for a good leader. When the boys faced up with a threat that there is a beast intimidating them, Ralph with Jack and Simon had to go to confirm the truth. Undoubtedly, all of them have a huge fear of the supposed beast. Ralph could not hide his fear when he said "You're hunter" (104) to indicate that Jack should go first to check the beast but right after that, Ralph immediately recognized his responsibility as a chief "I'm chief. I'll go" (104). His leading sense reminds him to confront the danger and not let the fear overwhelm him. His quotation shows Ralph's courage and his awareness of being worthy of the boy's appointment. By saying that Ralph is unflinching, I also mean he is an optimistic leader. "While we're waiting we can have a good time on this island" (34). Ralph tries to maintain a generally positive spirit for the group as a whole, at once encourages himself to cope with a truth: they are stranded on an uninhabited island. Ralph wants to set a good example of an optimist and high-spirited chief so the boys would have the confidence in their leader. In chapter 11, when everyone followed Jack to satisfy their need of meat and completely forget about their mission of keeping the fire, Ralph still stayed on his own to protect his belief. Ralph said "I say! You voted for me for chief." "Didn't you hear the conch?" (116). Ralph understands his position among other people. A leader should be the one who knows who he is and always be ready to protect his authority. By saying straightforwardly to Jack he is the chief, Ralph demonstrates that he would never surrender him to lose the respect of the boys. I believe that even when the boys did not come back to Ralph (may be because of Jack's and Roger's powerful control) they could slightly see his assertive self-affirmation. Obviously, a leader can't be a dastard.

    In conclusion, Ralph is a great combination of Piggy, Simon and Jack, which makes him the most appropriate leader of all the boys. Ralph is rational and clever in the way he creates and organizes his authority. He has the morality and sensibility to keep the justice in his group and treats them fairly. He is courageous and faithful in any situation. To compare Ralph with all three other characters, I absolutely would vote Ralph for chief if I was stranded on the island with him for his out-standing and skillful leading abilities.

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